10 New Artists

  • Brice Marden
  • Dale Chihuly
  • John Kuhn
  • Vanessa Smith
  • Jeff Forsythe
  • Ben Duke
  • Ed Ruscha
  • Lari Pittman
  • Shayna Leib
  • Donna Rosenthal

Now I’ll go into an in-depth look on 3 Artists of my choice:

Lari Pittman

As I noticed within his works, his paintings are multi-layered to show the complexity within his pieces. The objects within his works all symbolize something, whether it be love, violence, mortality, etc.

Honestly though I don’t really pay much attention to all of that but I just liked the pieces for what they were, complex paintings that look screen-printed.

Untitled 2010




Existential and Needy 1991

Existential and Needy




Dale Chihuly

Blue Herons  2005 Royal Botanical Gardens, England

Blue Herons
Royal Botanical Gardens, England


Chihuly Over Venice 1998 Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio

Chihuly Over Venice
Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio









Dale took his first glass class within the United States at the University of Washington. Later on he would establish and teach his own glass program. Its said that he learned to blow glass in the intricate way as we see today while working at a Venini glass factory in Venice.

The reason why I chose him is because I happen to like glass art, that is, if its done with unique colors and is blown to make crazy designs that are typical of your normal glassware. He really knows how to make all of his pieces look so abstract. Honestly if I had a mansion I would commission him to make glass sculptures everyone on the property.


Shayna Leib

Began to study glass at California Polytechnic State University. She turned down a PhD in philosophy to study glass at a graduate level. She makes her pieces with the inclination of flow in mind, as in she doesn’t see glass as just a static-solid piece but own that you can manipulate. She mostly makes sculptures with tendril like objects flowing out of them.

Again, this goes into my glass fascination. She even creates functional pieces like cups and plates, and yet with her use of color she can make something like a cup look interesting.




Cove 2013



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